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unbeatable asian product sourcing services

Asia Direct is Southern Africa's leading procurement & logistics company. Risk Free & Insured Procurement

Asia Direct is the world’ s leading procurement service company, We have a wide experience in personal & industry specific procurement solutions like pharmaceutical logistics, retail and automotive directly from Asia.

We bring your products safely to Southern Africa via our Air / Sea fright services. We offer LCL and FCL shipments that are fast and effective with no delays.

Asia Direct Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Medical, Agricultural, Mining, Automitive Equipment & Spare's as well as Furniture directly from Asia.

Asia Direct Supplier Vetting

Supplier Vetting

Future-proof relationships establishing reliability & competency in delivery, to prevent surprises in the near future

Asia Direct Quality Control

Quality Control

We have a system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing sample's of the output against the specification.

Asia Direct Warehouseing


Logistics encompassing varied factors from procurement, storage, movements, management and product delivery.


Shipping To Africa

This is when a product is picked up at the door of the vendor / supplier and delivered to the recipient's door.


Corporate Procurement

This is when we are tasked by a client to procure products for them in Southern Africa and we facilitate the transport & delivery


Product Sourcing

We get the best products and specs on the market and advise you of any alternatives should you be interested, as though we aim to provide affordability & authenticity of Asian Products.

Supplier Vetting

A Risk Mitigation Certificate is issued once Asia Direct asertains authenticity of a Supplier & their product offering, validity is only 3 months after being vetted.

24/7 Support

Asia Direct has Agents working around the clock to ensure safe delivery of your products as well as provide technical support when it comes to tracking your purchase (shipment)

The Complete Solution

Our Procurement & Supplier Vetting Services are known to be one of the most reliable & safe because we take pride in delivering the best products from Asia to Southern Africa.

For more information on our service offering and how we procure & deliver to your door-step.

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Three Step Procurement

Product Sourcing

We Source Quality Products having done Manufacturer / Supplier Vetting (ISO / FDA Certifications) meeting our Client's Budget, Quantity, Specifications & Customisation.


Price negotiation based on Client's Order Quantity, Specifications & Demand Frequency. We employ Quality Control measures to ensure products adhere to client requirements prior to shipping.


From point of Origin a shipment can either be FOB or Ex-Works that is then taken to our Warehouse / CFS (Container Freight Station) & Processed for Air / Sea Freight.